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Partnering with the architect and builder community is one of the things we do best. With a ‘team first’ attitude, our focus is on understanding the vision and executing the reality. Texas Timber Frames is able to offer expertise in the efficient use of sustainable resources, providing highly detailed shop drawings, seamless communication between architect and builder, and information regarding engineering properties of the timbers. We have spent decades perfecting the interconnectivity of a timber frame structure with various building systems including conventional framing, post and beam, gluelam, trusses, SIPs, and others, allowing for the ultimate in originality and creativity. Texas Timber Frames also provides AIA Continuing Education courses on timber framing. Call us today to learn more.

Unlike conventional framing, Texas Timber Frames aims for no less than a 1/16th of an inch tolerance in our timber work. Our prefabricated timber frame structures and components are based on rigorous shop drawings and exact field measurements. We make sure those details are crystal clear on our shop drawings to ensure seamless communication between the architect, builder, and Texas Timber Frames on every project. Our projects are always engineered by our third-party partner to ensure safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Since exposed timber structure is a relatively small percentage of modern construction, employing the services of an industry expert is essential to meet our standards for build quality. Every truss, bent, and frame we build is subject to rigorous examination of strength and stability.

How to get started.
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A step-by-step guide through our timber frame build & ordering process.

  • Truss Designs

    From traditional to ornate, nothing is beyond our reach, and each truss is fully engineered. We prefabricate and preassemble timber trusses to be delivered and installed on the job site. We offer an array of joinery options including mortise and tenon, internal, and steel plate joinery.

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  • Projects Evolve. We Adapt.

    Listening closely and understanding the priorities within a design is key when budget demands drive changes in the project. If the red pen comes out for the timber work, we work with architects by preserving the signature aspects in each space while proposing changes in timber dimensions, spacing and embellishments. We aim for the slightest of aesthetic changes, and often they can make a big impact on the bottom line.

  • Every project has its demands.

    Whether you are working with the most discerning of clients, in a time crunch for fabricated material, or working with a tight construction budget, we will work with you to make your project a success. Look no further than Texas Timber Frames. Our standards have no equal in the industry. Your client will sing your praises for bringing in the best for the key architectural feature in the most impactful rooms - the timber. For your next project, let us give you a budget for timber work in the planning stages so you can put it in your overall bid.

AIA Certified Continuing Education

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The American Institute of Architects

Responding to a demand among architects and builders to learn more about timber and timber framing, Texas Timber Frames has created its own AIA Certified Continuing Education class for AIA members in our region. Our presentation covers all aspects of our craft, from material choices and responsible procurement to joinery details and applications. We also cover factors that affect a project's budget and interaction with other building systems within the structure. We're happy to provide lunch with our presentation at your firm. Call 210-698-6156 to set up a class