Wood Species

While we use primarily Douglas Fir, Texas Timber Frames can source a variety of timber options. Each has a unique appearance and structural strengths that are suited for different applications. Below are a few of the most common, but we have the ability to source any species on the market.

  • wood beam timber material species douglas fir

    Douglas Fir

  • wood beam timber material species red and white oak

    Red & White Oak

  • wood beam timber species cypress


  • wood beam timber species cedar


Wood Textures & Finishes

Texas Timber Frames have a wide variety of textures and finishes available for your timbers. From smooth and distressed to reclaimed beams, we have the ability to give your structure more character or accentuate the wood grain depending on your desired look.

wood beam timber texture finishes
  • wood beam & timber texture smooth on 4 sides


  • wood beam & timber texture raised grain

    Raised Grain

  • wood beam & timber texture scraped texture


  • wood beam & timber texture timberhand hewn distrissed

    Hand Hewn

  • wood beam & timber texture rough sawn

    Rough Sawn

Reclaimed Timber

When the most rustic appearance available is requested, Texas Timber Frames will source reclaimed timber for projects. This environmentally conscious building option utilizes timbers reclaimed from old buildings such as churches and barns and creates a timeless, historic feel into a new build.

wood beams & reclaimed timber example

The Most Rustic Appearance

In the market right now, there is a growing demand for using timbers reclaimed from old buildings such as churches, barns, factories, schoolhouses, and the like to be used in the new construction of timber frame homes. This option is environmentally conscious while also giving your home a unique story.

If your preference is to use reclaimed timbers in the construction of your home, contact us at as early in the process as possible, especially if you are looking for a specific species of wood.


Sourcing from Sustainable Mills

We take care to ensure our timbers are responsibility and sustainably harvested. These practices provide more timber growth than harvest each year. In fact, forestland acreage in North America has been stable for more than 100 years.

Wood Beams & Reclaimed Timber Materials from Sustainable Mills