Custom Accents

Decorative Trusses

Decorative Trusses are lightweight and feature the same detailing and craftmanship as a structural truss. There are endless options achievable without the burden of structural loads.

timber trusses & ceiling beams decorative truss example

Coffered Ceilings

Classic grid-shaped ceiling beam work with primary, secondary, and tertiary hierarchies are available. The result is a classy, timeless look that adds interest to any ceiling.

coffered ceiling beams

Brackets & Braces

Brackets and braces are used as architectural, exterior support elements for awnings and overhangs. They are available pre-assembled for easy installation.

timber trusses & ceiling beams brackets and braces

Rafter Tails & Corbels

Rafter tails and corbels are available in custom profiles, or choose one of our pre-designed options. These accentuate the eaves of your home and can be as complex as desired.

timber trusses & ceiling beams rafter tails example

Stairs & Railing

Custom timber frame staircases are the perfect complement to your frame. The open designs add appeal to great rooms rather than closed stairs that take away from the space.

timber trusses & ceiling beams stairs and interior finishes

Long Span Trusses

Long span trusses come in both gusseted or concealed plate designs and span up to 100 feet. These are pre-assembled in our facility and installed quickly on site.

Timber Trusses & Ceiling Beams Long Span Trusses

Exposed Connections

The combination of wood and steel can be powerful both aesthetically and structurally speaking. For wider spans, or a specific look, exposed plated connections can be the perfect choice for your project.