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Innovation with the age-old material of wood layered and pressed into large, engineered beam and panel components that can be precut offsite has resulted in this new category of building systems. Supported by recent testing and code changes, these advances allow wood products to reach new heights and spans where designers and developers can appreciate the advantages of improved stability, aesthetics and construction efficiency that mass timber has to offer.

  • Mass Timber Laminated Timber

    Cross Laminated Timber

    (CLT) is a wood panel product made from gluing layers of solid-sawn lumber together.

  • Mass Timber Glulam Beam

    Glulam Beam

    Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product known for high strength and stiffness.

  • Mass Timber Mass Plywood Panel

    Mass Plywood Panel

    (MPP) is a veneer-based engineered wood product using multiple layers of thin wood panels.


Wood is light and workable making it ideal for offsite fabrication. Directly from a BIM model, our large CNC machinery is designed specifically for these types of products and can precut all connections with extreme precision; greatly reducing the amount of work and time on the jobsite.

Mass Timber Prefabrication k2 Machinery

Design Assist

With experience in all aspects of the mass timber process - design, engineering, modeling, procurement, manufacturing and installation, we can be a great resource and partner from concept to reality. Our team is full of architecture transplants with a passion for wood structures who have the skills and experience needed to fill in the details and provide solutions for our clients.

Mass Timber Design Exploded Diagram


Our vertical company structure of having all services under one roof gives the advantage of streamlined communication, single source accountability and low-risk turnkey delivery. We proudly and fairly employ multiple teams of experienced carpenters whose character and hard work is the heart of our reputation.

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