• Developed plans or sketches.

    We are set up to help you at whatever stage you are in. Our design team will work with you to craft your hybrid home with both beauty and efficiency in mind, considering the high value of both personal and natural resources for the project. We listen to your needs and tastes and craft a place that will be a legacy for you and your family.

  • A wide variety of projects.

    With our help and expertise, building the hybrid home of your dreams can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Your ideas and vision are paramount to us, and we do not disappoint in the quality of our products, our attention to detail, or our pursuit of excellence.

  • Premium, high-grade timber.

    We have demanding standards for growth rings per inch (how fast the tree grew); preferring slow growth trees that will resist checking, twisting, and severe shrinkage. We also use Free of Heart Center timber to prevent severe checking, and store it covered and out of the hot South Texas sun to prevent uneven drying and bleaching.

Why Texas Timber Frames?

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The driving force behind our ability to execute complicated structures with efficiency and speed is rooted in our company history. The two master craftsmen and the lead designer at Texas Timber Frames used to cut our frames by hand, crafting each piece using the traditional tools of a hammer and chisel. Our company now utilizes cutting-edge technology in our CNC fabrication process to efficiently craft our timbers to incredibly small tolerances--up to 1/16 of an inch. This allows our master timber framers to lead the erection of our mortise and tenon frames to their exact standards.

Furthermore, we use only the highest quality timber for our structures and ensure that all materials are responsibly harvested. Our wide selection of timber options includes Douglas Fir, White Oak, Red Oak, Mixed Oak, Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and Cypress. Other materials, such a reclaimed or specialty hardwoods, are available upon request.

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How to get started.
Our Process

A step-by-step guide through our timber frame build & ordering process.

Farmhouse Series

hybrid home farmhouse series
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  • Hybrid Timber Frame Style Home with Efficient Joinery
  • Prefabricated to Save Time and Money
  • Delivered as Semi-Complete Home Package
  • Modular Design Allows Personalization of Plans
  • Open and Flexible Floors Plans
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