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Timber Truss Traditional King Design
Timber Truss Traditional King With Struts Design
Timber Truss Traditional Box Qeen Design
Timber Truss Traditional Scissor Design


Timber Truss Embellished Howe Design
Timber Truss Embellished Tied Queen Design
Timber Truss Embellished Braced Queen Design
Timber Truss Embellished Rafter Tie Design


Timber Truss Ornate Arch Design
Timber Truss Ornate Brow Design
Timber Truss Embellished Braced Queen Design
Timber Truss Ornate Arch Tie Design

Timber Truss Designs, Fabrication, Consultation by Texas Timber Frames

Timber Truss Designs & Fabrication

From traditional to ornate, nothing is beyond our reach, and each truss is fully engineered from a third party. Texas Timber Frames is your solution for heavy timber trusses specified on any set of plans. We pre-fabricate and pre-assemble timber trusses to be delivered and installed on the jobsite. We offer an array of joinery options including mortise and tenon, internal, and steel plate joinery. We purchase the best materials available directly from the mill and pass that financial and logistical efficiency on to you.

Timber Truss Design Consultation

Let us lend the expertise that comes with 25 years of timber fabrication to your project.  In addition to our vast catalog of timber truss designs, our in-house designers can help develop the perfect custom design that maintains structural integrity.  In addition, we will produce the shop drawings and work out the connection details to ensure a safe and seamless installation.  All of our trusses are stamped by a third-party engineer.

“Thanks for helping to fulfill our dream!”

“We are building our new home and wanted some timber accents, so we had Texas Timber Frames build us some exposed trusses for the family room. We are very pleased with our decision and extremely happy with the trusses. They were built on time as promised and even gladly housed them for a few weeks till we were ready. They look fantastic and appear just like drawings and photos, actually even better. I expected rough sawn timber but they are sanded smooth and we feel the timbers are a cut above in appearance and quality.
I also purchased the timbers for the kitchen beams which the builder said we could just get from the lumber yard, I am so glad we decided to get all the exposed timber from you because it matches and looks great.”

- Keith & Cari Nichols of Austin, TX