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    Texas Timber Packages
Texas Timber Packages

Peace of Mind

We won't sell a piece of timber that we wouldn't put in our own house. We use only high-grade timber that has been milled and stored to prevent twisting, checking (cracking) and shrinkage.  We have demanding standards for growth rings per inch (how fast the tree grew) preferring slow growth trees that will resist checking, twisting, and severe shrinkage. We also use Free of Heart Center timber to prevent severe checking, and store it covered and out of the hot South Texas sun to prevent uneven drying and bleaching.  

Texas Timber From Wood Mill

Straight From the Mill

No matter what the species of wood, we buy our material directly from the mill to reduce costs and assure consistent quality.  Our mills know exactly what we will and won't accept.

Texas Timber Frame FOHC Difference

The FOHC Difference

Free of Heart Center timber is cut so that the timber does not include the heart of the tree.  As a timber dries, the exterior dries faster than the interior- this is the cause of 90% of checking in a timber- and cracking along the surface relieves the pressure caused from this process.  FOHC timber doesn't check as severely or as deeply as Boxed Heart. For assured customer satisfaction, spending a little more up front for FOHC vs. Boxed Heart will prevent call-backs and possible replacements.