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    Texas Timber Frames A Trusting Partner
Texas Timber Frame A Partner You Can Trust

A Partner You Can Trust

Every project has its demands.  Whether you are working with the most discerning of clients, in a time crunch for fabricated material, or working with a tight construction budget, we will work with you to make your project a success. If quality is the priority on your project, look no further than this website.  Our self-imposed standards have no equal in the industry. Your client will sing your praises for bringing in the best in Texas for the key architectural feature in the most impactful rooms-the timber. For your next project, let us give you a budget for timber work in the planning stages so you can put it in your overall bid. If you are in a crunch and need fabricated timber YESTERDAY, we can accommodate your needs.  We have stock, high grade timber as well as local sources for material and will work overtime to meet your deadline. If you need it now we will bend over backwards for you to make sure you stay on schedule.