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    Texas Heavy Timber Trusses
Texas Timber Frame Design

The Sharpest Tool at Your Disposal

Our philosophy while working under the direction of an architect is simple: understand the vision, execute the reality.  Texas Timber Frames takes a team first attitude with every project. Ensuring the most efficient use of sustainable resources, providing highly-detailed shop drawings, and communicating the engineering contributions of the timber is a just part of what we bring to the table.

Fabricating Your Dream

Drawn Correctly on Paper, Built Correctly on Site

Unlike conventional framing, Texas Timber Frames aims for no less than a 1/16th of an inch tolerance in our timber work.   Our pre-fabricated timber frame structures and components are based on rigorous shop drawings and exact field measurements. We have spent decades perfecting the interconnectivity of various building systems like conventional framing, SIPs, and ICF's with a timber frame structure.  We make sure those details are crystal clear on our shop drawings to ensure seamless communication between the architect, builder and TTF on every project.

Texas Timber Frame Raising


Our projects are always engineered by our third-party partner to ensure safety, sustainability, and efficiency.  Since exposed timber structure is a relatively small percentage of modern construction, employing the services of an industry expert is essential if we are to meet our own sky-high standards for build quality.  Every truss, bent and frame we build is subject to rigorous examination of strength and stability.

Rewarding Journey

Dollars and Common Sense

The project for which "the sky is the limit and money is no object" is rare.  Listening closely and understanding the priorities within a design is key when budget demands drive changes in the project.  If the red pen comes out for the timber work, we work with architects by preserving the signature moments in each space while proposing changes in timber dimensions, spacing and embellishments.  We aim for the most slight of aesthetic changes, and often they can make a big impact on the bottom line.  The earlier we become involved in the project, the more impactful our suggestions can be.